Hier finden Sie hilfreiche Infos zu den Themen Gesudheit, Versicherung, Recht, Sicherheit, Finanzen und Konten.

Law and order

Germany is one of the safest, most stable countries in the world. This is why many Germans trust in their own authorities and institutions to protect them from crime, terrorism and other threats.


Germany is a constitutional state. This means that its governments and administrations must act within the limits of the law. Everything the German state authorities do is governed by a body of law. The fundamental rights of all citizens are enshrined in the constitution. Government decisions must be reviewed by independent courts.

An important characteristic of our constitutional state is the division of powers. Legislative power lies with the Bundestag (the national parliament), the Bundesrat (federal council) and the federal parliaments. Executive power lies with the governments and administrations. Judicial power lies with the various courts.

This division limits power and ensures that control is exercised in a way that protects the freedom of the citizens.

All legislation is based on the Grundgesetz, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. The constitution enshrines all fundamental rights, including: all humans are equal before the law.

In Germany, you can rely on the administration of justice, the legal system and compliance with the law.


The police has a good reputation in Germany and the citizens trust them. There is no risk of corruption. The police has the task of protecting public safety and order. It is involved in everyday life (e.g. in traffic controls or in case of break-ins) as well as in conflict situations (e.g. in case of public protests) and functions as a trustworthy point of contact.

You can reach the emergency police service by dialling 110.

Security of supply

Water, energy, transport, telecommunications, healthcare, finance: important parts of our everyday lives. These items and services are secure in Germany. There is no risk of supply shortfalls. Germany has also been spared natural disaster to a large extent. There are no strong earthquakes or cyclones here.