Erfahren Sie mehr über die Internationalität Frankfurts. Hier erhalten Sie Infos zu aktuellen Events, Straßenfesten und Wochenmärkten.

Farmers’ Markets

Traditional farmers’ markets are very popular. Farmers from all over the region sell their high-quality produce there including fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, eggs and herbs. They are held at least once a week, and sometimes more often in many towns and suburbs.

Farmer’s markets go a long way back and lend some flair to the towns. People of all ages frequent the markets, not just to do their shopping. There, they meet friends, acquaintances and neighbours and catch up on the latest gossip over a glass of wine and some regional specialities. At the same time, they are in touch with the farmers and know where their products come from. Town and city dwellers, in particular, love their local farmers’ markets which bring a little bit of the country to the town.

Most farmers’ markets are organised by the cities and municipalities. To find out where and when your local market takes place, have a look at the website of your district or town.

In addition, the Landpartie online portal offers a search engine for the Hochtaunuskreis, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Main-Taunus-Kreis, Landkreis Offenbach, Wetteraukreis and the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach. Here, you can search by place or day of the week and you will see the address and opening hours as well as a brief description of the market.

Flea Markets

A special type of market is the flea market, the Flohmarkt or Trödelmarkt. Here, private individuals sell their second-hand goods to others for a good price. They are great places to find furniture, clothes, decorations and toys – especially for children. Shopping at a flea market is very relaxing, and many of them also offer street food.

Flea markets are often organised by the cities and municipalities and are therefore listed on their websites.