Hier finden Sie wichtige Hinweise zur Jobsuche, Bewerbung und Anerkennung von Abchlüssen in Frankfurt RheinMain.

Applying for a Job

Have you have found a suitable job vacancy in the FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM) region and would like to apply? Here we will give you a few tips on how to present yourself in the best way. After all, every country has different application procedures which you need to bear in mind.

In Germany the job application consists of three parts: the cover letter (Anschreiben), the CV (Lebenslauf) and an attachment (Anhang) with qualifications, certificates and references.

The Cover Letter

Always address your cover letter directly to the employer. It is written like a letter and should not exceed two pages, although one page is even better. It is important to explain why you are applying for that particular position at that particular company. What is your motivation? Emphasise your own skills, but do not simply repeat your CV.


The CV is a transparent, bullet point list outlining the different stages of your career as well as your education and qualifications. A CV also includes information on your language skills as well as other skills, such as computer skills or whether you have a driver’s licence.

In Germany you would generally provide a picture along with your CV, but this is not essential. You would also normally include personal details such as date of birth and location, marital status and nationality. You will find a sample CV here.

A short summary at the beginning of the CV, as in American models, are becoming more popular. It is 2-3 sentences long and summarises all of your characteristics and skills in a nutshell. This helps many employers, who often do not have much time, to see your most important qualifications at a glance.


Larger companies, in particular, are moving more and more towards American application procedures, for example anonymous CVs in reverse chronological order.

Many employers prefer job applications in the form of an email. Larger companies often have their own online application systems where you can upload your qualifications and documents. Applications sent to employers by post are becoming the exception.

If the application procedures differ from the standard, this will be stated in the job advertisement.


Interviews are held in person and in some cases online, for example via Skype. Larger companies, in particular, have more complicated, multi-stage application procedures which go through an Assessment Centre with a selection process based on group and individual tests.

Do some indepth research on the company in advance so that you can answer not only questions related to your qualifications and CV, but also explain why you would like to work for that particular company.

Helpful contacts

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We advise businesses on various topics eg.:
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