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Find it in FRM: Internationalism and community

The world is at home in FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM): Our region owes its vibrant lifestyle to a vast amount of different cultures. Almost all of the world’s 193 nationalities are represented here. Foreign citizens make up 15.3 percent of the inhabitants of FRM – we are Germany’s most diverse region!

Internationalität & Communities in Frankfurt RheinMain | Find it in FRM

This is especially noticeable in the larger cities. Around half of their inhabitants have an international background. Other municipalities in our metropolitan region are similarly multicultural and offer a wide range of cultural and culinary treats.

FrankfurtRheinMain is home to hundreds of international communities. Among them are cultural associations that meet privately and for business. Many of them comprise extensive networks of people. Such communities can provide newcomers with a great way of making new contacts and receiving support. 

International communities are not only based on their members’ nationalities. Some of them speak specific languages. There are international sports and theatre clubs, diverse religious communities, networks of international academics, and many more.

The integration and diversity portal Vielfalt bewegt Frankfurt operated by the City of Frankfurt am Main provides a lot of information and services around the topic of immigration and multicultural coexistence in Frankfurt.