Right of Work & Residence

Hiring an international qualified professional has never been this easy. Immigration law has been reformed in recent years, and the recognition of foreign degrees has been simplified significantly. Nevertheless, as a future employer, you should form an initial overview of upcoming steps.

First of all, the country of origin and the qualification of the person concerned largely determines which residence permit is a possibility. Citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland can be recruited without restriction. Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, and the US can obtain a residence permit under simplified conditions. Citizens of all other countries, so-called third countries, can obtain a residence permit subject to certain conditions.

If the advertised position belongs to a shortage occupation, simplifications in residence laws apply. An overview of shortage occupations can be found in the current positive list of the Federal Employment Agency.

In order to obtain an initial assessment of the conditions under which an international qualified professional can be recruited, the Federal Employment Agency offers a migration check online, free of charge.

We have compiled an overview of the most important residence titles for you on our portal. Legally binding statements can be made by the local immigration authorities, as well as the Federal Employment Agency, which you can contact on a case by case basis.