Arriving at the company

Living and working in a new country can raise many questions. Especially during the early days, international professionals still lack professional and private networks that support them. Make it easy for your new professional to settle in – as this is beneficial for everyone.

Welcome package

Welcome your new professional with a welcome pack. These have proven successfull in many companies, and can be presented to the new employee at the start of a new working life. These welcome packs often include information about the company, life in the region, leisure activities and all upcoming steps, compiled in a folder. Some companies also offer vouchers or a prepaid calling card.

For companies in the FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM) Region, we have created a free roadmap, that is a compact reference to all important contact points in the region, thus making settling in easier.

If you would like to create a welcome package for your new international professionals, do not hesitate to contact our team at the FRM International Office for free advice.


Mentoring programs have been established in many companies as tried and tested means of rapid integration of international qualified professionals. An experienced company employee serves as a direct contact person to newly recruited professionals and accompanies them in all matters. The introduction to the company and its networks is thus made much easier. Professional content, work processes and the company image are taught directly and efficiently, while avoiding possible misunderstandings in working life.

The extent to which a mentoring program is implemented varies. During the initial phase, a mentor can primarily be a point of contact for orientation within the company. He or she can also assist with finding a flat or trips to the authorities. Some companies also offer coaching. You can decide for yourself, how to design the mentoring programm.

Further information can be found on our page Involve the Workforce.

The RKW Competence Centre (the Rationalization and Innovation Centre of the German Economy), also offer tips for successfully training new international employees.

The nationwide program UnternehmensWert: Mensch (CorporateValue: Person) offers support to small and medium-sized (SME)enterprises. This support program is tailored to the needs of SMEs and assists companies with up to 250 employees, in developing long-term personnel strategies. After a free initial consultation, the costs for process consulting are subsidized by up to 80 percent.