Advertising Jobs

Nowadays you can reach international skilled workers around the world through online job portals. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind when posting your vacancy on the internet.

Many phrases that are standard and generally understood in Germany may be interpreted differently by international skilled workers. For example, the term "complete application" varies by country and by region, where job applications may include other documents and be structured differently.

Including a photo with the job application is not standard practice in many countries. Therefore, make sure you specify your requirements and list the documents required.

You should also clearly explain what the ideal application procedure is, as well as the job profile and remuneration package so that candidates can easily understand it. To avoid misunderstandings, you should clearly state the level of German language skills required (for example according to the Common European Framework of Reference) as well as formal qualifications. Carefully weigh up what level of German is really required for the job advertised, or whether the candidate can acquire these skills on the job.


Even if you provide plenty of information about the job in advance, be prepared for job applications that vary from German standards in terms of structure, content and design.

Many companies write job advertisements for international skilled workers in English. Whether this makes sense, however, depends on the language skills the candidates need for the job.

If you are targeting skilled workers in a particular country or region, it may be worth translating the job advertisement into the local language. However, make sure that someone in your company can answer questions about the job in this language by telephone or email.

Point out that job applications may also be sent by email or through an online application process. This saves you and the candidates time and money.

In any case, you should explain whether your company will cover expenses for attending an interview. Without a relevant clause in the job advertisement, candidates are generally entitled to have their travel expenses reimbursed.