Language Courses

To be a succeed in the long-run, it is essential for international skilled workers to have a good command of the German language. The best language course is at work every day. Here your employee can more or less pick up German and the specific work-related vocabulary on the side, through their interaction with colleagues.

However, in the long-term a solid foundation is necessary to reach a good language level. This can be achieved through professional language courses. As an attractive employer, you can make an active contribution.

Language Courses and / or Language Teachers

The plethora of language courses on the market is very confusing. As an employer, you can save your new specialist a long search and possibly some unpleasant experiences if you can recommend a provider. Further information on language courses in the region can be found under German Courses and German for Work.

Coordinating Working Hours and Lessons

Whether you have a classic 9-to-5 job, shift work or flexitime - coordinating working hours with lessons can be a challenge for your international specialist. You can help, for example, by adapting working hours on an individual basis, giving leave of absence on an hourly basis or reserving a time slot for the language course.

Information on organising working hours can be found on the portal Cleverly Design Working Hours by the RKW Hessen Rationalisation and Innovation Centre.


Many language institutes offer to come into your company to run language courses. This saves time for the specialist as well as for the company. However, you will need to be able to provide a suitable room.

Financial Support

It is not uncommon for companies to pay the course fees for their new employees in full or in part. After all, an international skilled worker with a good knowledge of German will also benefit your company.

Language Exchange

In the case of a language exchange, both employees who participate benefit: the international skilled worker learns German, while the other employee can learn the native language of the skilled worker.

Helpful contacts

The IQ Network Hesse advises people with a vocational, university or school qualification from abroad. They assist those who would like to work in Germany in the job in which they have training, and advise them on having their qualifications recognised and also on possible further qualifications. Furthermore, refugees can obtain legal advice on their rights on the job market (Beratungsstelle Faire Integration - Advisory Center Fair Integration). In addition, the regional network also advises and trains employment agencies, job centers, municipalities and companies in the area of intercultural competence development. All of the services are free of charge.

IQ provide advice on having qualifications recognized as well as on further qualifications throughout Hessen. You can find your local service on our website under the link below. The coordinating office of the IQ Network Hesse is located in Offenbach.

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