Recognition of qualifications

The recognition of foreign educational qualifications has been significantly simplified in recent years. This benefits both employers and employees. Companies can more easily and quickly determine what formal qualifications and know-how an applicant brings - and whether further training is required. Skilled workers, on the other hand, receive more detailed information on the level at which they can look for a job.

To what extent the foreign degree corresponds to a German qualification is examined during the formal recognition procedure. For the regulated professions, which includes many occupations in the medical, legal or educational field, recognition is mandatory to be able to practice the profession in Germany. There is no requirement for recognition of foreign educational qualifications for many  other professions . However, recognition is often helpful, as it allows companies to classify graduates’ qualifications immediately.

Advice on international educational qualifications

Let us advise you. There are many consultation centres in FrankfurtRheinMain, notably the IQ Network Hessen (IQ Netzwerk Hessen). Companies’ questions can also be answered by the Working and Living in Germany telephone hotline, which is operated by the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees as well as the Federal Employment Agency.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy's Information Portal for Foreign Qualifications (BQ) provides businesses with helpful information, such as country and job profiles, which assist you in roughly assessing degrees. Further contact persons are the local IHKs or the Chambers of Crafts.

Another important contact is the IHK FOSA (Foreign Skills Approval). The Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s competence centre provides comprehensive information on the evaluation and recognition of foreign degrees. In addition to information on their website, a telephone consultation service is also available.

The project Professional Recognition for Companies informs companies about the possibilities of professional recognition and offers brochures and guidelines for successful promotion of occupational recognition.

The portal Recognition in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides a good overview of the recognition of educational qualifications.

Helpful contacts

The IQ Network Hessen advises people with a vocational, university or school qualification from abroad. They assist those who would like to work in Germany in the job in which they have training, and advise them on having their qualifications recognized and also on possible further qualifications. Furthermore, refugees can obtain legal advice on their rights on the job market (Beratungsstelle Faire Integration - Advisory Center Fair Integration). In addition, the regional network also advises and trains employment agencies, job centers, municipalities and companies in the area of intercultural competence development. All of the services are free of charge.

IQ advice on having qualifications recognized as well as on further qualifications takes place throughout Hessen. You can find your local service on our website under the link below. The coordinating office of the IQ Network Hessen is located in Offenbach.

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