Approaches and measures

Work-life balance

For employees with small children, the question of childcare is an essential factor in their interest in a company. Especially international employees who relocate to the region as a result of their job, can generally not rely on private networks for childcare, and are therefore particularly dependent on professional childcare. Larger companies can offer their employees with children the attractive option of an in-house daycare centre or comparable offers.

For smaller and medium-sized companies, however, this is usually out of the question. There are other possibilities, however. Some daycare centres provide contingents that companies can use for their own employees. In other cases, companies join to organise childcare together.

Another measure to improve the work-life balance is flexible working hours. Depending on the origin of the international specialist, flexible working time models may either be expected or may be completely unknown. In order to keep your international specialist in the long term, it can be helpful to offer appropriate regulations. Of course, these opportunities must be available to all employees of the company.

For further suggestions on how to retain professionals from Germany and abroad in the long-term, consult the  Competence  Centre for  Skilled  Workers (KOFA) website by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research.

Cultural and religious features

Should employees of different cultures or religions work at a company, new questions can arise quickly. In particular, this relates to holiday and holiday arrangements, and if there is a company canteen, the food offer.

Both topics can usually be managed with little effort. For example, companies can benefit from different workforce needs over holidays - for example, when employees are willing to work over the Christmas holidays.

Helpful contacts

The IQ Network Hessen advises and qualifies people who have obtained a vocational, university or school degree abroad and who wish to work in Germany in the profession they have learned and have their degree recognized. Furthermore, refugees get here legal advice on their rights on labor market participation (Advisory Center Fair Integration). In addition, the regional network advises and trains employment agencies, job centers, municipalities and companies in the area of intercultural compe-tence development. All offers are free of charge.

IQ recognition and qualification counselling takes place throughout Hessen. You can find a local offer on our website under the link below. The coordination office of the IQ Network Hessen is located in Offenbach.

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