Arriving in the region

A lot is still unfamiliar at the beginning of a new working life in FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM). Assist your new employee in settling in the region and your company.


One of the biggest challenges for all newcomers is finding a suitable apartment. The tense housing market in FRM can turn the search into a lengthy and frustrating endeavour. It is often even more difficult for international professionals as they do not know the German housing market well and often do not have sufficient German skills.

Support international employees in looking for a place to live. In part, professionals are reliant on this, as proof of employment and salary are required by many landlords. Information about finding accommodation is also very helpful and can be included in the welcome pack. You will find useful information on this subject on our Living page.

If you have sufficient resources, you can also offer active help in finding a home, for example, by providing a real estate agent or accompanying professionals to flat viewings.


Offer your support in dealing with authorities, as your new employee has a great deal to do during the initial phase.


Settling in the region also involves discovering recreational opportunities, exploring the environment and, possibly making first contact with clubs or groups. You can support this very easily by making them aware of offers, recommending relevant websites or just being approachable should questions arise. Have a look at our Discover FRM page where you will find many suggestions and tips on discovering the region.


If your new employee relocated to FrankfurtRheinMain together with family, they will most likely appreciate support, not only for them, but also their families. Our portal provides ample information to refer to. For example, the spouse can find information on job seeking as well as information on suitable schools for the childcare.