Application process and appointment

You would like to invite an international qualified professional to a job interview? Make sure that all applicants have the same opportunities. Knowledge of the application procedure should not be assumed.  Explain to each candidate in advance which steps the application process involves – this can be done by telephone interview, assessment centre, personal conversation or  by the completion of tasks.

Please also discuss the legal requirements for working in Germany with the applicants at an early stage, so that they are fully informed. Explain to them during the application process what measures are taken to support new employees upon arrival, and mention what tasks they have to take on themselves.

Considering that some candidates may have to travel far to attend a job interview, there are two things to consider: Check if an online video conference is a realistic option to conduct this interview. Make sure to clearly state in the job advertisement what costs you, as a potential employer, are willing to assume. Should you not give any information on this, you may incur all the costs in case of doubt.

As with the job advertisement, it is also important that the candidates always have a competent contact person at their disposal during the application process, whom they can contact in the language of the job posting.

As soon as you have selected a suitable qualified professional, you can send them an employment contract. It may be useful to translate this contract into another language.

For skilled workers from third countries, the employment contract is often a prerequisite for a visa. You can state that the contract will not be valid until the work permit has been obtained.

Inform your future international qualified professional about which compulsory insurance exists in Germany and how the gross and nett salaries are composed.

Helpful contacts

We offer a range of services to new citizens in the city of Frankfurt. We focus on individual and group coaching (also in English and French), intercultural workshops, personal advice on job placements and finding your way around the city, as well as language courses and language coaching to help with your job. The GFFB also offers last minute childcare as a stop-gap until you find regular childcare, or if the regular childcare has been cancelled. In addition, the GFFB offers a wide range of services to help with job orientation and qualifications on a part-time and full-time basis, and liaises with other relevant organisations.

District / Cities: City Frankfurt am Main
Mainzer Landstraße 349
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 951 097 110
We speak: German, English, French
Costs: Partly fee-based

We provide international skilled workers with information on various topics eg.:
- Working and living in Hessen
- Opportunities to learn German
- Recognition of professional qualifications
- Education and further education
- All matters relating to supervision and education of children - school, crèche, daycare

We advise businesses on various topics eg.:
- Recruiting international skilled workers
- Integrating them into the work environment
- Queries on immigration law with regard to employment and training of foreigners

District / Cities: City Frankfurt am Main
c/o Agentur für Arbeit Frankfurt am Main
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 971 721 22
We speak: German, English, Spanish, Arabic, Kiswahili
Costs: Free of charge