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Health at work

“Healthy is not all, but without healthy is nothing worth…” Health is the most important thing in life and also in job it has a high value in Germany.

Gesundheit im Job

“Healthy is not all, but without healthy is nothing worth…” Health is the most important thing in life and also in job it has a high value in Germany. Many companies offer various health care events such as health days, influenza immunizations etc.. Some companies also provide cooperation partners in the fitness sector or support you financially in staying fit and healthy.

In the unlikely case that you should fall ill, you must report this to your employer immediately. As soon as you go to the doctor, ask for sick note (Attest or Krankschreibung). This must be sent to the employer as a confirmation that you cannot come to work due to illness. Ask the human resources department how the sick report works in your company. Don't go to work sick out of false ambition. Not only because you are less productive when ill, but also because you expose your colleagues to a high risk of infection. If you are ill, it is therefore better to check out and recover at home.

If you go to the doctor, you have the "free choice of doctor" in Germany, which means that you can decide for yourself which doctor you want to go to. Your first point of contact is usually your family doctor (Hausarzt). They will refer you to a specialist or hospital if necessary. As a member of a health insurance, you don‘t have to pay the doctor. All you have to do is to show your electronic health card, a kind of health insurance membership card, when you visit the doctor so that he or she can later settle the costs of treatment with the health insurance company. However, costs may incurred for prescriptions, medication or additional services. Your doctor will inform you of this in advance.

During your sick note, your employer continues to pay your salary for a total of six weeks. After that, you receive your salary as sick pay from your health insurance, but that is significantly lower than your regular salary: 70% of the gross salary, but not more than 90% of the net salary. Some employers offset this difference with a pay supplement. Check your HR department to see if this is possible at your company.

If you have children who are ill and you have to take care of them, there is the possibility for parents to report "children ill" (Kinder krank). In such a situation, you must submit a note from your paediatrician at your employer. This is not a note, but confirmation that you have to take care of your child. Usually, if your child is ill for a short time, the employer must release you from work for a maximum of five days. After that, you are covered for unpaid time-off. This entitles you to 10, maximum 20 days a year per child. For more information on health insurance and health, please visit our portal.

We wish you and your family a very healthy life, whether at work or at private life.

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