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German driving license

Like everywhere in the world, Germany also requires an official driving licence in order to drive a car. We provide you with useful information about driving licences in Germany.

Like everywhere in the world, Germany also requires an official driving licence in order to drive a car. The driving license is being issued after passing a test and must always be carried by its owner while driving.

Even at the age of 17, you can obtain a driver's license in Germany and participate in road traffic until the age of majority, only accompanied by a registered person. The goal of being accompanied in traffic is to lower the high accident rate, especially for novice drivers. Although the use of public transport is often easier, cheaper and more efficient in terms of time, especially in cities and urban areas, having a driver's license often proves to be extremely useful.

Driving your own car or using car-sharing services makes it easy to deal with many everyday problems and allows you to plan trips to the countryside or to hard-to-reach resorts by public transport. For independent mobility in some rural areas, having a driving license and own cars is even essential. But being mobile does not just mean more quality of life, it can also mean more job opportunities. When searching for a job, you can expand the radius search and the range of tasks.

Are you a registered resident in Germany and have a driver's license from your country of origin?

A driving license from the states of the European Union preserves its validity until its expiration date also in Germany. All driving licenses from the EU countries can be voluntarily exchanged for German driving licenses. A valid foreign driving license issued in a country outside the EU and the European Economic Area entitles you to drive in Germany up to six months after the date of the first border crossing. After that it loses its validity and one must be able to present a German driving license.

That is why it is important to find out in good time at the local driver licensing authority that is responsible for you about the formalities for the transcription of your foreign driving license. The legal regulations for the transcription of driving licenses from abroad are varied and always a case by case decision. For detailed information please check the official website of your city or district administration. More information can also be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

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