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Hier finden Sie Infos zu den Themen Beratung, Visum, Einreisebestimmungen, Aufenthaltstitel und Einbürgerung in Frankfurt RheinMain.

Find it in FRM: Authorities & advice services

Have you have arrived in FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM)? Our Roadmap guides you on your way around. Or are you planning on comming? Several visits to the authorities will be necessary. You will find a brief overview of the most important ones here:

Germany is a Federal Republic just like the U.S. or Canada. This means that the state-related duties are divided between the federal government and the 16 German states (Bundesländer). The federal government, for example, is responsible for immigration law. However, laws are enforced by the local authorities of the 16 states. This means that the administrative districts, cities and municipalities are responsible for the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde). For you this means that you must always contact the local authorities in your area first.

The German federal states, for example, are in charge of education policy. As a result the school system varies in FRM depending on whether you live in the state of Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz or Bayern.

Each administrative district and each city has at least:

  • One Citizens Centre
  • One Immigration Office
  • One Employment Agency
  • One Migration Advisory Service

What is...

… a Citizens Centre? A citizens centre is a central point of contact of a city or a district, where inhabitants can apply for common public services related to their personal issues, such as residence registration, identity cards, registration certificates etc.

… an Immigration Office? The immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) is responsible for all questions related to the right of residence and makes decisions regarding residence permits in line with the German Residence Act.

… an Employment Agency? An Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) is a department of the Federal Employment Agency. The Employment Agency is your first point of contact for all questions concerning labour market advice and job search.

… a Migration Advisory Service? These are local advisory services that provide new immigrants with consultation and assistance.

You can find your local immigration offices and Consulates in FRM quickly and easily using our map’s search function. The contact data is shown in the download list.

Did you know that...

... there are Consulates from 53 countries in the FRM region, which save you time and effort to get to the embassies in Berlin? Check out in our list to find out if your country is among them.

For information on the health system in FRM, go to our page "Find it in FRM: Doctors and Authorities". There you will also find the most important emergency telephone numbers.

FRM offers a telephone service for all questions related to the authorities: Call public administration number 115 for fast and reliable information about which authorities and offices are responsible for which issues – regardless of whether you have questions regarding your passport, registration or housing subsidy. You can reach the public administration number 115 from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

You can find migration advice service centres (Migrationsberatung) on the official website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). Here you will find a selection of migration advisory offices in FRM:

Helpful contacts

Arbeiterwohlfahrt-Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis Soziale Arbeit gGmbH

We are active in migration advice as a cooperation partner of the BAMF and advise migrants, before and after the integration course in all aspects of their life. The advice includes integration and education, among other things. On-demand case-by-case support following the case-discussion procedure. Accompany immigrants before, during and after their integration course.
After successful negotiations between the Arbeiterwohlfarht (AWO), or Workers Welfare Institution and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the authority gave the commitment to set up a full-time service for immigration counseling for adult immigrants in the Rheingau.
The place is located at the AWO Rheingau-Taunus Soziale Arbeit gGmbH in Bad Schwalbach.

District / Cities: District Rheingau-Taunus
Hohlweg 45
65396 Walluf

Phone: +49 6123 790 742
E-Mail: esposito@awo-rtk.de
Website: http://www.awo-rtk.de
We speak: German, English, Italian
Costs: Free of charge

Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Kreisverband Wiesbaden

Migration counselling for adult immigrants pursues the goal of accompanying and supporting migrants on their integration process in Germany.

District / Cities: City Wiesbaden
Alcide-de-Gasperi-Str. 2
65197 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 611 31 4411
E-Mail: sibel.gueler@wiesbaden.de
Website: http://www.awowiesbaden.de/unsere-einrichtungen/migrationsberatung/
We speak: German, Turkish, English
Costs: Free of charge

AWO Bildungs- und Beratungsdienste Rhein-Main

We offer advisory services to people with a migration background in learning a language, schools, education, employment, recognition of degrees, foreign and social issues, financial problems, government contacts, childcare, personal and family matters. The advice is free and confidential.

The language course programmes include integration courses (general courses, courses for parents, courses for young adults, orientation courses) and advanced German language courses (B2). The courses are sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and under certain circumstances the participation may be free of charge.

District / Cities: City Frankfurt am Main
Justinuskirchstraße 3a
65929 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 308 580 515
E-Mail: hannelore.ringeisen@awo-hs.org
Website: https://www.awo-hs.org
We speak: German, English, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Italian
Costs: Partly fee-based

AWO Migrationsberatung Aschaffenburg

The migration advisory service in the City and the district of Aschaffenburg offers migrants help in form of individual and needs-oriented counseling and support. Our offer is free of charge and takes place on a confidential basis. Among others we advise on the following questions:
- Residence law issues- Language qualification- Apartment Search- Professional qualification/recognition of educational qualifications- Social benefits/financial issues- Family and social problems.

District / Cities: City Aschaffenburg
Treibgasse 24
63739 Aschaffenburg

Phone: +49 6021 233 58
E-Mail: migrationsberatung-ab@awo-unterfranken.de
We speak: German, English, Turkish
Costs: Free of charge

Caritasverband Frankfurt e. V.

With around 100 institutions and services in the various fields of social work, the Caritas Association is one of the major providers of free welfare in Frankfurt. As a competent and modern service provider, whose activities are based on Christian values, we offer a unique network of social offers and assistance, together with Catholic parishes in Frankfurt. More than 1,600 employees and around 1,400 volunteers work for us on a daily basis to involve all citizens in a supportive and social urban society and offer everybody support for a successful life.

District / Cities: City Frankfurt am Main
Alte Mainzer Gasse 10
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 298 20
E-Mail: info@caritas-frankfurt.de
Website: https://www.caritas-frankfurt.de
We speak: German, English
Costs: Free of charge

Caritasverband für den Bezirk Limburg e.V.

Migration advice for adult immigrants, refugee consultation and youth migration service. Accompaniment of integration processes / case management as well as crisis intervention / basic advisory services.

District / Cities: District Limburg-Weilburg
Neumarkt 7
65549 Limburg

Phone: +49 6431 200 540
E-Mail: s.schneider@caritas-limburg.de
Website: http://www.caritaslimburg.de/
We speak: German, English, Persian
Costs: Free of charge

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, KV Friedberg, Fachbereich Migration

The Migration Advisory Centre has the aim to actively initiate, guide and accompany the integration process of migrants, with help of the case management method.
We would be pleased to prepare an individual integration plan with you, which includes all integration-relevant topics.

Asylum consultation focuses on guidance and accompaning refugees during their asylum procedure. We advise refugees while their asylum procedure, tolerated refugees who have prospects of permanent residence and voluntary returnees. We accompany you during your asylum procedure and inform you about the procedure, rights, obligations and much more.

District / Cities: District Wetterau
Homburger Str. 26
61169 Friedberg

E-Mail: sezgin.yilmaz@drk-friedberg.de
Website: http://www.drk-friedberg.de/
We speak: German, English, French, Turkish, Zazaki
Costs: Free of charge

DRK-Kreisverband Offenbach, Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer

The Migrant Advice for Adult Immigrants (MBE) of the German Red Cross Offenbach, offers advice and support, that allows you to find your way in your new life environment. The consultation topics range from mediation of language and integration courses, child care, assistance with authorities, information on residency queries, livelihood, housing and leisure, education and career to advice on personal and family problems. This advisory service is intended as a supportive measure which promotes self-help. The advice is strictly confidential, free of charge and independent.

District / Cities: City Offenbach am Main
Spessartring 24
Team Soziale Dienste
63071 Offenbach am Main

Phone: +49 151 171 250 87
E-Mail: petra.rank@drk-of.de
Website: https://www.drk-of.de/startseite-kv.html
We speak: German, English, Hindi
Costs: Free of charge

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