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Down the Main - Höchst


©#visitfrankfurt, Fachwerk 2: Holger Ullmann

Our tour continues down the Main, but we are not leaving Frankfurt yet. Today we are in Höchst, which is a part of Frankfurt. For a long time, Höchst was a city in its own right, and, around 100 years ago, it officially became part of Frankfurt. Almost 16,000 people live there. It is around 9 km from the centre of Frankfurt and you can easily get there by train (S-Bahn).

There is a lot of industry in Höchst, in particular on the site of the former Hoechst AG, which was one of the biggest chemical and pharmaceutical companies in Germany. Today, almost 100 companies with more than 22,000 employees work in various companies on this industrial site, making Höchst one of the largest sites for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Europe.

However, Höchst is much more than just industry. With its old town taking up 7.5-hectares, Höchst has the largest ensemble of half-timbered buildings in Frankfurt. In addition to the picturesque old town with its winding alleyways and beautiful half-timbered houses, you can also see a late Medieval castle, a Baroque palace, a Gothic customs tower and the Carolingian Church of Justinus, which is considered to be the oldest building in the Frankfurt area.

Höchst is located on the banks of the Main. if you fancy going on a bike trip from Frankfurt to Höchst, the MainRadweg will take you on the scenic route along the river.

When you get there, you can take the ferry from Höchst to the Schwanheimer Düne. The dunes have been a nature reserve for the past 40 years, and remind you of the sea in the middle of the city. Dunes such as these so far from the coast, are rare, which is why the Schwanheimer Düne is a very popular place to go for a day trip in FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM).

And, for those who are looking for a bit of culture, Höchst is home to the Porzellan Museum Frankfurt. Porcelain, which is also known as "white gold", goes back a long way in Höchst, and you can find out more at the museum.