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Down the Main - Aschaffenburg


© Stadt Aschaffenburg, Mailin Seidel

In the next few days and weeks we would like to take you on a journey through FrankfurtRheinMain (FRM) along the Main. On the way from Aschaffenburg to Mainz, we will introduce you to the cities along the river and recommend some places of interest.

The Main is 527 km long, and around 130 km of it flows through FRM. Its source is in Kulmbach in Bavaria. From there it runs from east to west through Bavaria, Hessen and Baden-Württemberg until it finally joins up with the Rhein in Mainz

Along the Main there are two beautiful hiking and cycling paths, the Main-Wanderweg and the Main-Radweg, from which you can enjoy the beautiful nature and picturesque landscape along the river.

We will start our journey in Aschaffenburg.

With around 70,000 inhabitants, Aschaffenburg is the second largest city in Lower Franconia (Bavaria) and belongs to the metropolitan region Frankfurt/Rhein-Main. In Aschaffenburg the river Aschaff flows into the Main. The church, castle and Pompejanum, which had been destroyed during the Second World War, were rebuilt afterwards and now characterize the landscape.

As well as the architecture of the town we would like to introduce you to some parks and gardens, as Aschaffenburg also has so many of them.

The Johannisburg Castle is Aschaffenburg’s landmark. The castle garden with its Mediterranean flair belongs to the castle and from there you have a great view of the Main. Through the castle garden we come to our next stop - The Pompeianum.

The Pompeianum is a unique replica of a Roman villa in Pompeii. It was built by King Ludwig I. During the Second World War the building was badly damaged and it took several years to renovate it. It opened again in 1994 and houses a collection of original Roman works of art.

The Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Alexander is the oldest church in Aschaffenburg. It was built in the 10th century and was modelled on a Romanesque basilica. It contains numerous treasures of art which you can have a look at.

In the heart of the city lies the Schöntal Park, which was laid out in 1780 and at that time was still outside the city gates. The park is designed in the style of an English garden and is home to the largest magnolia grove in Bavaria. During the flowering season in March and April, the grove is a popular place for tourists and photographers.

The eastern bank of the Main is a popular meeting place with sunny lawns and the Main cycle path. It is a nice place to relax, and you may also be tempted to go for a walk or a bike ride along the riverside. Alternatively, you may prefer to go for a walk in the Fasanerie Country Park which is a popular destination among locals and tourists.


Come along on our journey and visit Aschaffenburg. Have fun exploring!

Our next stop will be Hanau.