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Language courses

For long-term success in the company, it is essential for international professionals to speak German. The best language course is the daily work routine. The German language and occupation-specific vocabulary is learned almost in passing, simply through contact with colleagues.

However, solid foundations are necessary to reach a good language skill level. These are provided by professional language courses. As an attractive employer, you make an active contribution.

Teach language courses and / or language teachers

The language course market is very confusing. As an employer, recommending a provider will save your new employee a lengthily search process and possible unintended experiences. For an overview of language courses in the region, have a look at Find it in FRM: German Courses.

Coordination of working hours with lesson times

Whether it is a classic 9-to-5 job, shift work or particularly flexible working hours - coordinating work hours with lesson times can be challenging for your international professional. You can help, for example, by adapting working hours on an individual basis, allowing an hour’s break or reserving a time slot for the language course.

Information on organising working hours can be found on the Platform for Designing Working Hours Together by the RKW Hessen Rationalisation and Innovation Centre.

Providing premises

Many language institutes offer to conduct courses directly at your company. This reduces the time required for the professional as well as for the company. However, you will need to be able to provide a suitable room.

Financial support

It is not uncommon for companies to pay the course fees in full or in part, on behalf of their new employees. After all, improving international professional’s German language skills will also benefit your company.

Language tandem

In the case of a language tandem, both participating employees benefit: the international professional learns German, while the other employee learns the native language of the specialist.

Helpful contacts

Offers of the IQ Network Hessen

The IQ Network Hessen advises and qualifies people who have obtained a vocational, university or school degree abroad and who wish to work in Germany in the profession they have learned and have their degree recognized. Furthermore, refugees get here legal advice on their rights on labor market participation (Advisory Center Fair Integration). In addition, the regional network advises and trains employment agencies, job centers, municipalities and companies in the area of intercultural compe-tence development. All offers are free of charge.

IQ recognition and qualification counselling takes place throughout Hessen. You can find a local offer on our website under the link below. The coordination office of the IQ Network Hessen is located in Offenbach.

District / Cities: District Offenbach
Herrnstraße 53
63065 Offenbach am Main

Phone: 069 / 27 22 4 0
E-Mail: iq-hessen@inbas.com
Website: www.hessen.netzwerk-iq.de/en/iq-network-hesse-our-services.html
We speak: German, English
Costs: Free of charge

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